Thelma I. Finch Scholarship Fund

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You have until June 1st  to apply

1. Purpose and Administration

A. The purpose of the Pemberton United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund is to give financial aid to members of the congregation to obtain post-secondary education.

B. This aid will be given regardless of any other sources of scholarships or financial means to the individual, and is not subject to any pre-determined academic achievements or qualifications.

C. The Scholarship Fund will be administered by the  Scholarship Committee which will be composed of three Church members serving staggered terms of three years each. The Scholarship Committee will annually recommend to and obtain Church Council approval for all scholarships to be awarded. First year college applicants and all those applying for continuing education courses (institutional, correspondence, on-line et. al.) will be advised of their scholarship selection at the time grants are presented in June. However their monetary award will be given after class schedules and/or enrollment receipts are provided to the scholarship committee.

2. Eligibility

A. For an individual to be eligible for a scholarship he or she must be A Church Member or the Child of a Church member of The Pemberton United Methodist Church. The applicant should be involved in current Church activities. It will be the Scholarship Committees responsibility to determine whether or not an applicant for a scholarship is an active member of the congregation.

B. Applicants must be accepted to an accredited institution of higher learning. An accredited institution will be a four year school, two year school, trade school, or any equivalent academic institution approved by the Scholarship Committee

C. All recipients must maintain at least a C average and be progressing Toward a degree/certificate to he eligible to maintain their scholarship status.

D. All scholarships will be granted for a one year period. An individual who is not maintaining good academic status as defined above will not be eligible for further scholarships until these requirements are met.

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Scholarship Availability

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