Our Mission


As a part of our "Roadmap to Renewal" effort a few years ago we needed a mission statement.  It was the creative thinking of Bob Challender who offered the idea of tying words to FAITH which defined the actions that we take to make Disciples of Christ. 

A poster with this insignia on it was adopted by the congregation as our official Mission. All in attendance signed that document.  It now hangs in the Chapel where it is a constant reminder of our commitment to making Disciples of Christ.

F is for Fellowship which is a very important part of Christian life.  Through constant fellowship and support we encourage each other to keep the faith.
A is for Action that each of us individually and as a group will take to serve the community of God's people.
I is for Inspiration which is needed to help us in our understanding of god's calling for us.

is for Teaching each other and God's people so that there is an understanding of what it means to be a Christian


is for Healing, both physically, mentally and spiritually as the faith we share helps to carry us through each day.

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