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Each year the People of the Pemberton United Methodist Church accept applications for scholarships from youth who are attending college.  The applications must be submitted prior to June 1 each year.  The forms are available as a pdf file.  Click here to download them.

Growing Faith

Read the Bible This Year

The best way to help you grow in faith is to read the Bible.  We encourage you to make the effort to read it in one year.  Even if you have already read the entire Bible, you will gain more every time you do it.  To help you in this task we have provided a schedule that you may download and keep with you.


Each month, The Pemberton United Methodist Church publishes a newsletter which provides a thoughtful article by our Pastor, information about upcoming activities as well as pictures and information about recent events.


Our monthly calendar is included in the Newsletter but is also made available as a separate PDF download.  We also have a public Google Calendar.  You may include it in your Gmail account so it is integrated into your personal on line calendar and on your smart phone.


We keep our church directory up to date so members can easily contact each other.  To protect their privacy, the file is password protected which prevents robots from obtaining the personal information.  The password is the church office number (6098958015).

Community Study

Several years ago, we performed a study of our community.  This was done to determine how best to serve it through Mission and program.  We have published the results of this study here for you to read.

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