As a part of the Greater United Methodist Church, a portion of every dollar donated to our church is contributed to the Greater New Jersey Conference and through them to the work of the Global Church. 

Wherever you see a disaster in this world whether it is hurricane, tornado, fire, flood,  or health, you will find the United Methodist Church outreach programs one of the first support groups on the scene.  Every dollar you give through the church for a specific disaster goes to it 100% .  That is possible because the local church supports the overhead needed to make that possible.

You may contribute to the work of the church through your donations during worship on Sunday.  We also accept donations mailed to the church. 

As a help to those who wish to give on a weekly basis, we provide boxes of numbered envelopes.  Each envelope is marked with Sunday's date.  One or more Sunday can be combined.  You don't have to use all the envelopes if you miss a service.  You can also include donations for flowers or other specific activities such as God's Closet, the Food Pantry or Loads of Love.  Just mark the outside of the envelopes and/or your check.  Please make out your Checks to Pemberton UMC or Pemberton United Methodist Church.

As a service for those who use envelopes, you will receive quarterly and annual statements of your giving.  The annual statement may be used for your income taxes.  Please use take a box of envelopes if you wish to receive these reports of your giving.  Quarterly reports will be e-mailed, so please provide us with a valid e-mail address.  If you wish to have your Annual statement mailed to you, make sure we have your current mailing address.


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