Sunday Adult Bible Study:  9:30-10:30am

Each Sunday (September-May) Shirley Adams, as she has done for many years, leads us through studies of different perspectives on the Bible.  She has a series of classes each with a different emphasis.  This class is open to everyone.  All that's needed is your Bible.  You will find all of the classes provocative even if you have missed the others in the series.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7:00pm-8:30pm

On Wednesday Evenings in July and August, Shirley Adams conducts a bible study in her home.  Please contact the office or Shirley if you are interested in attending.

Thursday Bible Study: 9:30-11:30am

Each Thursday morning (Sep[tember-May), Denny Dindinger leads us in studies based on various author's books.  One of his most popular Authors is Adam Hamilton.  Like the Sunday School, you will benefit from the class even if you are unable to attend the entire series.  Please join us.

Congregational Lunch:  3rd Sunday following Church

This is a regular pot luck lunch put on by various groups in the church.  It is a time of Fellowship and to share your faith experience with each other.

Men's Fellowship Breakfast: 2nd and 4th Friday morning

A group of Men join together for a short lesson and fellowship.  They meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday and 7:30 am at the Red Lion Diner at 206 & 70 circle.  The women's auxiliary have started meeting as well while their spouses are with the men.  This is led by Denny Dindinger.

United Methodist Women:

As in most Churches, the women are it's foundation.  Their regular meetings provide a time of fellowship and spiritual renewal while they work hard on plans to benefit the church and the community.  All women are welcome to attend.

Choir: Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm

Under the leadership of Denny Dindinger, this group works hard to provide special music to add to the beauty and meaning of our worship experience.  All are welcome to participate.  No tryout is required.  Just show up and be willing to work hard under Denny's direction to create beautiful music.

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